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H3 MilSim (Harpoon 3 Pro) provides a holistic simulation capability that encompasses strategic, operational and tactical views concurrently and without recourse to additional simulations or models whilst incorporating the full spectrum of military systems  Most simulations, particularly military simulations are specialized in nature as they are often designed to meet certain requirements.  But as they are continually used and upgraded they are unable to extract themselves from their initial design parameters. Examples of these types of limited simulations are TACBRAWLER and EADSIM to name but two well known ones. The limitations of these systems today were not envisaged when they were designed but now such systems are incapable of incorporating crucial features such as geography or advanced ground or maritime systems that are now essential to modern combat considerations. Thus their use today results in both unreasonable and unrepresentative outcomes and indications of contemporary or future combat at the “high end”.

Game Engine and Editors

H3 MilSim (Harpoon 3 Pro)‘s unique two part design enables users to construct and manage the database independent of the simulation engine. The database supports the construction of very high fidelity entities. The user can develop a range of individual entities covering propulsion, fuel, communications, sensors, weapons, warheads, etc. that collectively establish platforms and infrastructure to be used in the simulation scenarios. Many different databases can be created to incorporate virtually any data to support entities at the unclassified or classified level. Additionally, the database design allows for the discreet simulation of entity upon entity interaction parameters (combat resolution) as well as damage mapping used in scenario evaluation of combat outcomes.

Four Key Points:

  1. The primary value that H3 MilSim (Harpoon 3 Pro) brings to the activity is discipline. All entities in the simulation are defined according to well understood metrics, there is no magic, nor “I’m senior, and therefore I’m right” noise with respect to capabilities.
  2. Transparency. Everybody can see and appreciate, if not understand, the absolute and relative metrics applied to all the entities: be they ships, aircraft, weapons, sensors, or communications systems. Range, speed, capacity, altitude, etc are self evident. The development of a common frame of reference is critical to an informed discussion and debate on further issues as they arise.
  3. Comprehensive integration of all entities into the same scenario. Many simulations are restricted to particular environments or system types and the exclusion of other advanced systems, integrated in the real world, can lead to erroneous outcomes based upon the failure to include such systems at all or an incorrect assumption regarding their potential implications.
  4. The lack of cultural bias – there is no provision for delusion factors and weightings such as aggression, training, morale etc in a simulation where the weapons are fired beyond the targets ability to see it and the system responses are the only means available to defeat the threat.
H3 MilSim (Harpoon 3 Pro) can not only be run as a defined activity against an artificial opponent (AI) at the strategic, operational and tactical levels concurrently but can also have multiplayer activity conducted. This enables Red and Blue to directly confront each other according to scripts, free play, or B-Tree analysis.  It can generate and broadcast DIS compliant information regarding any scenario thus enabling it to support more limited military specific DIS compliant simulators. These can be networked as necessary.


The detail from such simulations can be used to create higher fidelity modeling environments to better understand the interactions and dependencies of systems and technologies being used. H3 MilSim (Harpoon 3 Pro) can be directly ported to AGI’s Satellite Tool Kit (STK) which is one of the world’s premiere modeling environments, capable of measuring performance and energy with precision. It is a perfect tool for Net Assessments in that it can simulate new and emerging technologies, concepts of operation and indeed analysis of competing strategies to illustrate underlying assumptions and biases that sometimes fail to be recognized.


  1. Access industry standard inputs.
  2. Unique simulation database and program design.
  3. Interactive environment for training and education.
  4. Analytical environment for exploration and evaluation.
  5. Outputs to industry leading products for additional uses.
  6. Detailed outputs to understand results and processes.
  7. Professional services – security, designs, product or tailored databases.

H3 MilSim (Harpoon 3 Pro) is available in single user or multi-user configurations and customizations are regularly performed.

““Wargaming allows you to try out tactics and not worry about having to swim for it.”

– Sir John “Sandy” Woodward, Admiral (Ret) RN

Adm. Woodward knows the value of gaming tactics before engaging in combat. He led the British fleet in Operation Corporate that recaptured the Falkland Islands from the Argentinians in 1982.