Commercial Harpoon – Alongside the Pier


Advanced Gaming Systems Inc (AGSI) has suspended further enhancement of the commercial version of the Harpoon software products after more than two decades.  The commercial licensing rights have been returned to Mr. Bond and Mr. Carlson.

The door is open for a qualified team to work out a licensing arrangement with Mr. Bond and Mr. Carlson for the commercial computer rights (i.e. game system and data).  AGSI is willing to license some or all of the software (which is separate intellectual property) as necessary.  The Harpoon 3 code is arranged to facilitate a replacement of the user interface and maps.   Matrix Games will continue to sell the Harpoon Ultimate Edition until further notice. AGSI will continue to maintain our professional military products as long as demand continues.

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qualified team would have to start with proven skills and financial resources on hand to deal with a product of this magnitude,