Custom Databases

Users can incorporate numerous elements into the database including land, sea and air elements. Weapons systems, detection facilities, specific warships or aircraft may also be included. It’s easy for the user to develop modules that enhance specific capabilities to be gamed, such as air-to-air engagements or missile-v-missile, including ICBMs as well.

This multifaceted database design allows for easy modification should parameter and requirements change.

Here’s an example of how damage threshold can be incorporated into a custom scenario.

Damage thresholds

The same is true for radiation signature identification.

Signature mapping

The Damage Mapping feature allows the user to control how much damage each unit is able to absorb, a valuable tool for determining survivability.

Damage mapping

The ability to adjust weapons effectiveness given new data is reflected in the ability to adjust the scenario’s individual weapon’s attack resolution performance.

Weapon attack resolution performance