Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS)

One of H3 MilSim (Harpoon 3 Pro)’s most useful features is its DIS interface. This permits multiplayer environments that enhances user value by providing challenging material across dispersed envirornments.

As of version 3.11 H3 MilSim (Harpoon 3 Pro) supports the following PDU’s:
•    Fire
•    Detonation
•    Entity State
•    Detection
•    Movement
•    Start/Stop

These were implemented using a Publish and Subscribe interface, which provides the architecture for the addition of other PDU’s.


DIS Mapping


This means that H3MilSim (Harpoon 3 Pro) is able to port to any DIS-compliant environment with appropriate protocols.
Obtain Statistically Useful Information

A single outcome in a training situation is meaningless, but repeating the situation numerous times provides statistically useful data. This is where H3 MilSim (Harpoon 3 Pro) shines. Reasonable and representative outcomes are based upon analytical work over time to understand the possible left and right of arc. This is what influences decision makers.

Here are some VLS screenshots that demonstrate H3 MilSim (Harpoon 3 Pro) ability to set up scenarios and then run them to get statistically useful information.