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Logo_H3_ANW_2Harpoon 3 Advanced Naval Warfare is presently shipping v3.10.1.  It is bundled with 3.6.3 and 3.9.4 of Harpoon 3 – and over twenty editions of Harpoon Commander’s Edition going back to 1988!


Take control of multicarrier task forces. Relive historical raids such as “El Dorado Canyon,” “Operation Babylon; or “Desert Storm.” Hunt Russian missile submarines under the Arctic icepack. Stop the Red Tide in Iceland, in the Atlantic, in the Mediterranean or the Pacific. Jump into the Taiwanese straits. Feel the confinement of the Persian Gulf waters. Organize and direct massive air, surface and underwater clashes. Or switch sides and hunt down U.S. carriers with radar satellites, huge bombers, submarines and nuclear missiles. The tradition of realistic air and naval warfare continues with Harpoon 3 Advanced Naval Warfare (ANW).

As the successor to the award-winning Harpoon 2 and Harpoon Classic, ANW is quite possibly the most comprehensive, realistic and accurate strategy-simulation of air and naval operations available to nonmilitary users. The computer Harpoon series is, in fact, considered to be close enough to “the real thing” that it has been used for years by various military branches around the world as a training and “what-if” simulation tool. As with Harpoon Classic, ANW uses Larry Bond’s tabletop miniatures wargame Harpoon as its source, just as Tom Clancy did with “Hunt for Red October” and “Red Storm Rising.”

ANW enables the faithful modeling and representation of the full range of modern air and naval operations: including submarine and antisubmarine warfare, carrier battlegroup operations, convoy actions, land-based air operations, employment of nuclear weapons, amphibious and air-assault operations, massive fleet engagements and more.

ANW’s scale and location of scenarios is virtually unlimited. Whether you want to simply test an Aegis cruiser against a Kirov-class battlecruiser or completely model World War Three or a possible conflict in the Western Pacific, ANW gives you the tools. The only real limit is how far you want to go.

This major new commercial release v3.10 is published by Matrix Games. It includes both single-player and multiplayer versions of the simulation — including the server. The product also includes an updated database and several new multiplayer scenarios. This release also has a professional installer and launcher system, allowing easy tuning of the many configuration options addressed by this sophisticated simulation. The manuals have been overhauled and reorganized into two separate publications: Basic (simulation and Scenario Editor) and Advanced (Database Editing and advanced topics). The simulaiton ships with the Scenario Editor. The Database Editor is available for free (see below for link to request one).


  • Multiplayer two to six or more players
  • Spectator mode for multiplayer
  • VCR Record and playback of games
  • Support forplayer databases and scenarios
  • Scenario Editor
  • New manual
  • New installer
  • New launcher program to facilitate settings and launching of the server, client or single-player products
  • Updated documentation including interactive wiki
  • Includes both single-player and multiplayer capability
  • Is so realistic, it is the basis of our H3 MilSim product.
  • Windows Only, although ANW can be played on Macintosh with an emulator


Some History:

Harpoon Classic actually became Harpoon OnLine in the late 1990s through the efforts of Kesmai Corp. Alas, AOL decided the product was not going to attract a large number of paying customers and dropped the project while it was in Beta. Without AOL’s support, Kesmai canceled development and returned the multiplayer rights to Advanced Gaming Systems, Inc. (AGSI) in 2000.

Harpoon II, and by extension, Harpoon 3, were designed for multiuser play and actually had much of the critical coding written with multiple players in mind. Due to the publisher’s poor financial condition, this dream was never realized.

The 3.7 release has many under-the-hood changes that will allow us to keep moving the Harpoon legacy forward. Your continued support is what makes that happen. Version 3.8 contains further improvements and fixes, as well as internal changes reducing the cost of adding features, a very real problem with two-million lines of code written a decade ago.

The 3.7 and 3.8 releases address many errors that have existed in the H2 and H3 product. Due to an extended period of inactivity on the game’s development (due to an abortive attempt to license the system and develop a Harpoon 4 product) many third-party products were developed on top of v3.6. Those designers and editors did a wonderful job in addressing the real and perceived shortfalls of that version.

Version 3.9 added a few new features and has been focused on stabilization. This release has relied heavily on community input and assistance in polishing the product before the next features are added for version 3.10, schedule for beta testing in May 2009.

Features in the 3.10 release include programmable missions and tactics covering virtually any military situation, encrypted database to prevent plagiarism, and new mission capability allowing for boarding of ships by helicopter in special operations.

AGSI has been working closely with the original Harpoon system designers Larry Bond and Chris Carlson (Capt., USN, ret.) to upgrade the internal models to the Harpoon 5th edition. These models were developed in two flavors, one for AGSI to use in the computer product, and one set for use in the miniatures.

Latest Documentation/Notices:

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Database Editors:

There are three editors included with the paid upgrade to Harpoon Ultimate Edition.  Editors are NOT available for the Mac edition.