Harpoon History

A Brief History

Harpoon was first created by then Lt Larry Bond as a means to provide accessible training to the wardroom of his destroyer.  The standard training aid in 1975 was NAVTAG and since it contained classified data, it was kept under lock and key.

The miniatures version of the game was published commercially in 1979.  Ten years later the PC and Macintosh versions of Harpoon were published in 1989.  Updated to a full Windows style product in 1993, this product continues as Harpoon Commander’s Edition.

Harpoon II was published in 1995 and updated in 2001 as Harpoon 3.   At this time Harpoon 3 Professional (H3Pro) was also developed for the Australian Department of Defense (ADOD).  In the mid 2000’s Northrup Grumman and ADOD cooperatively worked with Advanced Gaming to enhance H3 Pro to the product we have today.

The professional product was renamed H3 MilSim  in February 2010 to better reflect the wide array of simulation capabilities.

In 2010 H3 MilSim will feature faster, simplier interfaces to AGI’s Satellite Tool Kit, enhanced support for unmanned vehicles, support for special forces, boarding and terrorist style naval engagements