HUD4 v1.2

France and Texas  August 30th.

Gunny writes,

…It has new calculation system, making it closer to Larry’s annexes. New improvement comes with a flag called “Aircraft Radar Reduction”, making a non-stealthy aircraft such as the latest Rafale (F03 R) has active cancellation features represented. It reduces the RCS by 50% vs 70% for Stealth. Flag is enforced for Rafale F03R, PAK-FA and F-35. Only F-22, B-2 and F-117 have the Stealth flag.

I’d love to have some input on potential aircrafts that would be eligible to such flag apart the 3 I’ve mentioned”.

Best regards from France; François “Gunny” Guérin

Find the files here: (HUD-4 v122)