Clash Of Arms

Here is a collection of presentations and scenarios created by the Admiralty Trilogy (Bond, Carlson, and others) for all flavors of paper Harpoon.

Matrix Games

Matrix Games was formed by gamers who love to play games. They publish the commercial version of Harpoon, as Harpoon Ultimate Edition

Larry Bond’s Home Page

Larry Bond’s spiffy site.


Provider of the Satellite Took Kit and other commercial off-the-shelf software for integrated analysis of land, sea, and space assets.

Harp Gamer is the latest chapter in a fifteen year history of fan-created websites dedicated to furthering the understanding and play of the Harpoon series of Naval Warfare Simulators.

Don Gilman

President (AGSI), LinkedIn Page, Blog

Art Gallery

This gallery launched with over 500 digital military art pictures from Dr. Phil Alexander of College Station, Texas. It consists of aircraft of the 20th and 21st Century in very high resolution. At first glance you think they are photographs. Further items in the collection include armor and naval, with a bit of whimsy thrown in for fun. This is the same artwork included in the Harpoon Ultimate Edition HCE/ANW products.