Standard Procurement:

A fully functional, single seat, single user copy with 20 hours of e-mail/IM/forum-based support, good for one year and includes updates and maintenance for one year. Includes both the HUD3 and ANWDB databases (several thousand platforms). It is sold on a case-by-case basis to friendly governments and their supporting vendors.

Also sold as a multiplayer server and two clients, bundled with 30 hours of support. Additional seats and configurations are quoted on a case by case basis with seat costs declining with volume. Multiplayer includes free Single Player licenses for each client purchased.

Other Points

  • Maintenance is 15%/year after the 1st year, with a portion allocated to support hours.
  • An onsite training package is also available.
  • All purchases received 100% credit towards upgrades and more seats (i.e. discount pricing) if the license is under Maintenance at the time of the upgrade payment.

Co-Op Procurement

Our customers have enjoyed Advanced Gaming Systems’ co-operative development model for years. They pay a discounted rate to design a new feature to their specification, and it becomes part of the baseline code base for H3 MilSim (Harpoon 3 Pro) and sometimes H3 ANW. Customers can buy into the Co-Op for a “catch-up” fee.

This also buys ten staff weeks of feature development.  All IP remains with AGSI and will be shipped in a subsequent major release of the H3 Pro product to all H3 Pro customers with current support agreements.

Private Procurement

Customer-specific customizations are possible at the database level and the simulation level. Code customizations that are not part of the baseline code require an ongoing maintenance agreement in order to bring them forward with base code development. The rates reflect the one off nature of the task and an annual maintenance fee, above the support fee, will be required to keep the branched source code viable.


Users are able to build and use many different databases to support macro level scenario exploration and the implications at strategic, operational and tactical levels of having entities with different related capabilities such as sensors, communications, weapons, and profiles (Visual, Radar, and Infrared) to understand the dynamics in changing areas such as threat or detection systems.

Databases can be constructed from unclassified sources or from classified ones and be merged or stored. AGSI has the capability to build databases to customers specifications enabling them to reach the useful part of simulation much more quickly than they might otherwise.

Affiliated Services

RepSim and AGI services are quoted by their firms.

Source Code

The source code is available for licensing to customers who wish to invest in the legacy of the Harpoon 3 code base.  The price includes a large block of programming support time as well as onsite training. Inspection only licenses are also available for security review at a lower price.


User support is purchased in blocks of time, while software support is purchased per year. Blocks of time may be used for any purpose and are good for one year from purchase. Software support is purchased on the 1st anniversary of the license for 15% of the purchase price and provides the licensee with all updates to their purchased software modules.  Of that 15%, 1/3 (or 5% of the purchase price) automatically is applied to support hours that are good for the same period of time as the support contract.

Product Training

Onsite training is provided covering basic game play, scenario creation, database editing and advanced Pro features. The training is customized to the client’s intended application.

Other Terms and Conditions

The License agreement is sent under separate cover. The licenses offered are floating licenses, not machine licenses. This gives you some flexibility in a SCIF scenario. AGSI has received EAR-99 determinations on the product. Harpoon 3 Professional may be liscensed for Single Player or Multiplayer use.


Contact AGSI and see how we can help prepare your defense professionals today for the conflicts of tomorrow.